Paying with E-ZPass

A photo of rows of cars in an airport parking lot.

A faster, easier way to park.

Leaving the parking lot is fast and easy with E-ZPass Plus, the automated parking system that allows customers to use their E-ZPass tag to pay for parking at Port Authority airports.

You may use E-ZPass Plus if you:

If you are a commercial account user of E-ZPass, call your Customer Service Center to have E-ZPass Plus activated on your account.

Here’s how it works.

  • Take a ticket as usual when you enter the lot.
  • When you exit the parking lot, use the lanes marked with the purple
    E-ZPass signs.
  • Put your ticket into the reader at the cashier booth. When the gate goes up, exit the lot.
  • If the parking fee is less than $20, it will be deducted from your E-ZPass account balance.
  • If the fee is $20 or more, it will be charged directly to the credit card you use to replenish your E-ZPass account.

Don’t want to use E-ZPass Plus to pay for airport parking? You have several options.

  • Exit the parking lot through the lane marked "Cash/Credit Card only," and your E-ZPass account will not be charged.
  • Pay for parking using the ExpressPay machine located in the terminal. You can then use any lane exit, including the "E-ZPass Plus Only" lane. Your E-ZPass account will not be charged, provided you have not exceeded the 30-minute ExpressPay grace period. If you exceed the grace period, your E-ZPass account will be charged for any remaining balance.

For more information visit the E-ZPass Plus Web site

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