30-Year Port Master Plan

October 19, 2017

The latest session of the Port of New York and New Jersey's 30-Year Port Master Plan group met in October at the Christopher Columbus Conference Room at the offices of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), 2 Montgomery Street, Newark, NJ. The meeting brought together select individuals representing federal, state, and local agencies to workshop key ideas and strive to resolve challenges.

Following a welcome address from Charles Bontempo, Senior Program Manager of the Port Department, speakers included Doug Hansen of Ceres Global, who addressed maritime cargo demand and vessel trends; Susanne DesRoches of the New York City Mayor's Office of Recovery and Resiliency, who addressed climate change and sea level rise; Emmet McCann of Oaktree Capital, who discussed financial performance;  Financial Performance; George Thomas of Hatch, who spoke about technology penetration; and Charlie Cunningham from the PANYNJ, who gave a presentation on landside Transportation Capacity.

A breakout table discussions followed, featuring three tables, which were each assigned different topics designed to elicit feedback and dialogue pertinent to the Master Plan. Topics included:

  • Landside Transportation Capacity & Facility Capacity;
  • Landside Transportation Capacity; and
  • Physical Boundaries, Climate Change & Sea Level Rise.

Following group breakouts, participants reconvened and shared a short summary of their discussions at each table.

Photos from The Port Planning Summit October 19, 2017

September 12, 2017

The development of a Port Master Plan (PMP) for all facilities constituent to the Port of New York and New Jersey continues apace with a number of key achievements.
As reported in April 2017, the PMP will guide the growth and development of the Port of New York and New Jersey through a holistic and dynamic decision-making process aimed at continuing to enhance the port’s position as the premier North American East Coast gateway for commerce over the next 30 years.

Since April, the PMP leadership team has collaborated actively with the Port, Planning, Government  & Community Relations (GOCOR), plus various other departments and senior leadership of the Port Authority, as well as the PMP development team from Hatch.

To date, the team has carried out the following key activities:

  • Development of a Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Program, including outreach to regulatory, funding, and planning agencies; community associations and economic development groups; elected officials; port tenants; and railroads.
  • Development of an Assessment of Port Department facilities, which embraces current land use, financial performance, and understanding of historic, environmental, and community considerations – such as sea level rise and wetlands, air quality and emissions, endangered species, and historic resources. This Facilities Assessment also examines existing road and rail infrastructure; planned infrastructure improvements; and existing state, municipal, and other agency master plans.
  • Development of a Market Analysis and Future State Vision report, which forecasts future market potential based on global trade projections and dynamics, plus expected population growth, and looks at the impacts potentially imposed by technology changes and future industry trends.
  • Development of a Capacity Assessment that examines the capacity of existing facilities to accommodate the volume projections and market growth, including constraints in the regional road and rail networks.

Over the next quarter, the consulting team will develop a long list of potential planning and land-use options based on the analysis and outreach carried out to date, and will start to identify a shortlist of potential master plan solutions.

Worthy of noting: the Stakeholder Engagement Program is ongoing throughout the development of the Master Plan, and various stakeholder groups will be consulted over the coming months.

THE NEXT PORT PLANNING WORKSHIP will be held in mid-October. The Port Masterplan will bring together select planning, agency, and academic partners focused on regional transportation, infrastructure, planning, and goods movement.

A series of deep-dive roundtable discussions will be held at this invitation only meeting with an eye toward facing each challenge presented and discussing potential solutions. This method should allow the Masterplan team to consolidate and crystalize possible scenarios for generating action.


May 3, 2017

The Port of New York and New Jersey is developing a Port Master Plan (PMP). The PMP will guide the port’s growth and development through a holistic and dynamic decision-making process aimed at continuing to enhance the port’s position as the premier North American East Coast gateway over the next 30 years.

To do this, the PMP will establish an informed and comprehensive road map designed to increase operational efficiency; optimize land utilization, business planning, capital requirements, and customer relation strategies; reduce environmental impacts; and enhance revenue opportunities. Special attention will be paid to engage the port’s various stakeholders, as well as to capitalize on earlier investments made by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and its port tenants.

Stakeholders include representatives throughout the entire supply chain from the maritime, transportation, logistics, and distribution industries, as well as planning organizations, regulatory agencies, labor groups, host communities, and elected officials. Transparency, inclusivity, and feedback from all these entities is considered paramount for the success of the PMP to gather information and direct decision-making from a well-informed position moving forward.

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Port Planning Summit – May 3, 2017

Photos from The Port Planning Summit May 3, 2017

Port Planning Summit May 3, 2017

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