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Press Center Guide

This guide is designed to inform news organizations of Port Authority policies and procedures regarding media relations.

  • Contact Media Relations
  • Videotaping/Photographing
    at Port Authority Facilities
  • Commercial Media (Advertising,
    Documentary, Feature Film, etc.)

Contact Media Relations

In the event of an after-hours emergency related to Port Authority business, media can call (212) 435-7777 to have a Public Information Officer paged. Media representatives calling after hours must provide the name of their organization, their name, a return phone number, an email address, and specific information on the emergency they are requesting a call back on. Please note callers need to leave specific information to receive a return call, and all calls will be returned as soon as possible and at the discretion of the Unit.

If you are seeking general information or information regarding one of our facilities, please see the contact information page for the appropriate listing or call (212) 435-7000.

Media Relations Department

Lindsay Kryzak
Director, Corporate Communications

Steve Coleman, Deputy Director

Scott Ladd, Assistant Director

Cheryl Albiez

Alana Calmi

Abigail Goldring

Rudy King

Lenis Rodrigues

T: (212) 435-7777

F: (212) 435-4032

4 World Trade Center
150 Greenwich Street - 24th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Videotaping/Photographing at Port Authority Facilities


The Port Authority operates John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, Stewart and Teterboro airports. It controls media access to airport parking areas, Port Authority Administration buildings, Terminal B at Newark Liberty, the Central Terminal Building at LaGuardia, AirTrain JFK and AirTrain Newark. For access to these areas, approval must be received in advance from the Media Relations Unit, (212) 435-7777. For clearance to Atlantic City International Airport, please contact South Jersey Transportation Authority, (609) 382-4989.

For access to other areas of the airports not controlled by the Port Authority as listed in the previous paragraph, please use the below contact table.

Airport and Terminal Operator Phone Number
John F. Kennedy    
Terminal 1 Gary Delgado, Security Manager (718) 751-1717
Terminal 1 Klaudia Fitzgerald, Mgr. Landside Ops (718) 751-1727
Terminal 1 T1 OPS (718) 751-1707
Terminal 2 Delta – Atlanta HQ (404) 715-2554
Terminal 2 Delta OPS (718) 704-2160
Terminal 4 IAT Ops/ Media (718) 751-3700/
(212) 889-0808
Terminal 5 JetBlue Media (718) 709-3089
Terminal 5 JetBlue Ops (347) 545-4251
Terminal 7 British Airways OPS (718) 425-5718
Terminal 8 American Airlines, Ned Raynolds, Mgr. Corporate Communications (212) 863-3758
Terminal 8 American Airlines OPS (718) 487-7350
LaGuardia Terminals    
Terminal B LGP Hotline (646) 357-3112, Tracy Sanford, Dir of Marketing/Comm. Cell (917) 561-2053
Shuttle American Airlines (817) 967-1577
Port Authority Port Authority (212) 435-7777
Terminal A Delta Airlines (404) 715-2554
Terminal C/D Delta Airlines (404) 715-2554
Newark Liberty Terminals    
Terminal A AvPorts (973) 648-6796 (Office Line)
Terminal B Delta Airlines (973) 430-3911
Terminal C United Airlines (872) 825-8640

The Port Authority reserves the right to restrict videotaping and photography at its airports. Videotaping in runway and taxiway areas at all airports is prohibited at all times. Videotaping and photographing at security checkpoint areas operated by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration is prohibited without the consent of the TSA.

Maritime Ports

The Port Authority operates the Brooklyn Marine Terminal, the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal (Elizabeth, NJ), Howland Hook Marine Terminal (Staten Island, NY), Port Ivory (Staten Island, NY), Port Newark (Newark, NJ), and the Red Hook Container Terminal (Brooklyn, NY). It controls media access to on-port roadways, Brooklyn Piers, parking areas at the New York Marine Terminal Administration Building and the New Jersey Marine Terminals Administration Building, Port Ivory and any public berth areas. All media wishing to film, photograph or conduct interviews in these areas must be accompanied by an escort provided by the respective terminal manager's office. For access to the marine terminals, approval must be received in advance from the Media Relations Unit, (212) 435-7777.

For access to the maritime ports, media must contact the leaseholders directly for those areas, listed below.

Terminal Lesee Media Contact Phone
Port Jersey Auto BMW of North America, LLC John Scott (201) 309-1948
Port Jersey Cruise Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal Tom Hinderhofer (201) 823-3737
Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal APM Terminal Richard C. Carthas (908) 558-6304
Port Jersey (Global) GCT Bayonne Mark Kiely (201) 706-4005
Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal Maher Terminal Michael Del Viscovo (908) 527-8200
Howland Hook Marine Terminal New York Container Terminal Bob Nixon (718) 568-1842
Port Newark Port Newark Container Terminal, Inc. Chris Garbarino (973) 522-2200
Port Newark FAPS, Inc. August LoBue (973) 589-5656
Port Newark Toyota Logistics Services, Inc. Ron Leutbecher (973) 274-2712
Red Hook Container Terminal Red Hook Container Terminal Mike Stamatis (908) 590-0341


Media cannot go beyond the fare gates of any PATH station without a Port Authority-provided escort. The Port Authority reserves the right to restrict videotaping and photography in and directly outside PATH stations.

For access to PATH, approval must be received in advance from the Media Relations Unit, (212) 435-7777

WTC Site

The Port Authority owns the World Trade Center site and operate portions of it. For access to Liberty Park and public areas of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, approval must be received in advance from the Media Relations Unit, (212) 435-7777. Media cannot videotape or photograph inside the Vehicular Security Center. For clearance at the World Trade Center Plaza, please contact the 9/11 Memorial Center and for clearance to One World Trade Center please contact Durst Organization.

Commercial Media (Advertising, Documentary, Feature Film, etc.)

When to contact a facility

Inquiries/applications must be submitted as far in advance as possible so that all the details can be arranged prior to the shooting date. No request will be entertained less than ten business days before the shooting date.

See below for facility contacts.

Airports Contact Phone Number
JFK International Robbyn Stewart (718) 244-4157
Newark-Liberty International Patrick Bonner (973) 961-6214
LaGuardia Brian Rohlf (718) 533-3627
Teterboro Renee Spann & Scott Marsh (201) 807-4019
(201) 807-4018
Stewart International Mike Torelli (845) 838-8218


Maritime Ports Contact Phone Number
Maritime Ports Rich Laraway (718) 330-2977
Brooklyn Piers John Trutneff (718) 330-2968


Bridges & Tunnels Contact Phone Number
Holland Tunnel Angela Ruales (201) 360-5023
Lincoln Tunnel Michelle Carozza (201) 617-5091
George Washington Bridge Julius Middlebrooks (201) 346-4161
Staten Island Bridges Chantelle Mack (718) 390-2578


PATH Contact Phone Number
  Jessica Mills (201) 216-6908


Port Authority Bus Terminal Contact Phone Number
  Myron Johnson (212) 502-2386


WTC Site Contact Phone Number
  Glenn Guzi (212) 435-6908


What the requesting company/organization must have

On letterhead, a detailed description of the scene to be filmed and/or photographed or otherwise created. The description should include the following:

  • Date from/to of the project
  • Time from/to of the project
  • Location(s) where this activity will take place
  • Number of personnel (talent and crew) and amount of equipment for the project
  • Name, title, contact information (office, cell, & fax numbers, and email address)
  • Insurance certificate with the minimum limits as described below and including The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as an additional insured. In addition, each project will be evaluated on its own merits and the amount of requested liability limits will be determined accordingly.

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